North Shore Exchange Grant Information

Our 2017 grant cycle has ended. Our thanks to all who applied. Grantees will be notified in October and we will officially announce and celebrate our 2017 Grantees on October 16, 2017.

  • North Shore Exchange recognizes and is proud to support many organizations doing important work improving the lives of under-served individuals and communities. To assist in this common goal, North Shore Exchange annually awards the following grants:
  • Exchange Grants - up to $25,000.
  • Invigorate Grants - $50,000 grant.
  • Consistent with our mission, North Shore Exchange, funds grants that provide human services and education to children and families in the Midwest. North Shore Exchange accepts applications that propose a new project or program, or expand or continue to support an existing and proven program. 
  • We currently accept applications in the following Focus Areas:
  • Abuse, Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Education, Elderly, Healthcare, Homelessness, Hunger, Legal Rights, Mental Health and Social Services.
  • Please refer to the Grant Application FAQs for more information before submitting a Letter of Inquiry.

Grant Process and Schedule

North Shore Exchange's online grant application process begins in January of each year with Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) due in mid-February. Our grant cycle includes a two-step grant application process:


  • Applicants must submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) through our online grant application system by the 2018 deadline (TBA).
  • Organizations may submit one Letter of Inquiry (LOI) per year.
  • North Shore Exchange will acknowledge and review each LOI received.
  • All organizations that have submitted an LOI will be notified of eligibility for full grant application.


  • North Shore Exchange does not accept or review unsolicited grant proposals.
  • Applicants will be notified as to whether or not they have been selected to complete a grant application.
  • The 2018 full grant applications will be due on or before a date to be announced.
  • The Philanthropy Committee will review grant applications and arrange site visits at its discretion.
  • Finalists will be notified in the Summer of 2018
  • The North Shore Exchange 2018 Grant Award Celebration will take place between mid-September to mid-October at North Shore Exchange's Glencoe boutique.

For your reference, we have prepared a list of questions to consider in completing the Full Grant Application. Click here to see the list: Full Grant Application Questions.

Grant Application FAQs

Q: What is the criteria for receiving an North Shore Exchange (NSE) Grant?

A:  The compatibility of your organization's request with the NSE Mission Statement is critical for consideration.

North Shore Exchange's mission is to provide funding for organizations that provide human services and education to children and families.

NSE Guiding Principles:

  • The Majority of our grants primarily go to organizations providing services in the Midwest that support the poor.
  • Up to one-third of our grants go to Family Services of Glencoe.

Q: What types of grants are available?

A: If your organization is invited to submit a Grant Application, you will be asked to choose between an Exchange Grant or an Invigorate Grant. Applicants may apply for either type of grant, but not both.

Exchange Grant:  You will be asked to specify the amount of the desired grant, up to $25,000. You will be asked to provide the specifics of your grant request and, if relevant, the details of the program for which you will be making the request.

Invigorate Grant: This $50,000 grant is awarded to a non-profit for the funding of an innovative approach to solving an important challenge within the non-profit’s constituency. The grant’s intent is to invigorate creative thinking and problem solving, leveraging on the existing strengths of the non-profit. We encourage applicants to think expansively - projects they have dreamed about growing or launching that are consistent with their organization’s core mission, but have not been able to expand or initiate, due to financial general operations constraints. This grant is not for general operations.

Q: What types of organizations have received grants in the past?

A: NSE Grants have served organizations that support children and families that are at or below the poverty level in the following categories:  Abuse, Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Education, Elderly, Healthcare, Homelessness, Hunger, Legal Rights, Mental Health and Social Services. See Our Grantees to learn more.

Q: Can a faith-based organizations apply?

A:  We are not accepting grant applications from organizations that are faith-based.

Q: What are the eligibility rules regarding submitting LOIs for an Invigorate or Exchange Grants for previous Grant recipients?

A:  If an organization has received an NSE Exchange Grant for each of the last three years, they are still eligible to submit an LOI for an Invigorate Grant this year. Organizations may receive an Exchange Grant from NSE for no more than three consecutive years. If Exchange Grants have been awarded each year over a three-year period, then the organization must recuse itself for one year. Eligibility would then return the following year.  

Recipients of an NSE Invigorate Grant must wait a minimum of three years before re-applying for another Invigorate Grant.  

Q:  When are the Letters of Interest (LOIs) available and what is the due date?

A: Letters of Interest can be completed and submitted through our website. 

Q: When are the Grant Applications due?

A: Organizations will be notified on or before a date to be determined in April of 2018 as to whether they have been selected to complete a Grant Application. 

Q:  When will the grants be distributed?

A: Our 2018 grant distribution celebration will be held in September - October 2018.

Q: Will site visits be scheduled?

A:  Site visits will be arranged at the discretion of the Philanthropy Committee.

Q:  What is the contact e-mail for further information?


We appreciate your interest, Thank you!