North Shore Exchange is pleased to welcome Doug Moss, the new President of North Shore Exchange. Doug is taking the help as our founder, Wendy Serrino, retires from her position; Wendy will remain as Chair, Board of Directors.

Doug comes to North Shore Exchange with over 20 years of experience in the luxury retail industry, including 10 years as General Manager of Saks Fifth Avenue, most recently in their Chicago location. 

NSE Director of Marketing Sheilah Burnham took a few minutes to interview Doug and shares her conversation with him below. What would you like to ask Doug? Email your questions to and we may answer your question in an upcoming blog post!

Doug, you're just two weeks into your new position. We can imagine not everyone in the Chicago luxury retail space in Chicago has heard about North Shore Exchange. What do you tell people about us? 

I have had the pleasure of sharing my story of how I have been fortunate to join this incredible organization. I usually start with the story of how NSE started, and in its first year gave $50K away to charities, and how that has grown over 5 years to $1 million dollars; and that as of this September, we will have given away nearly $1.5 million. I then tell them how they can be a part of this incredible story by consigning or shopping. 

What do you want people to know about us? 

I want people to know that we are a part of this great city and Chicagoland region, and through all of us working together -- staff, volunteers, consignors, and shoppers -- we are making our community a better place. 

You've been on the job for two weeks now. What has surprised you most about North Shore Exchange?

I am most impressed with the dedication of our volunteers! The passion, commitment and love they show this organization is simply amazing. Our customers love us! Our consignors and community partners immensely like working with us. I think the fact that we are genuinely thrilled to work with everyone, and show our gratitude for all that they do, makes it easy.  I simply think they love that we are a happy organization that helps our community!

Let's help our readers know a little bit more about you. Where are you from? Can you share about your family? Any pets?

I grew up in Texas, and have been married to my lovely wife Pam for 27 years. We have a daughter who just started her senior year in high school (Maine South). We also have a 12 year old rescue dog, Mack.

Of the designers North Shore Exchange carries, do you have a favorite? Which one, and why? 

My favorite designer is the one that just went home with a client, because that allows us to continue our mission! 

You have a lot of experience in fashion and retail at a very large, very well-established luxury retailer. What made you want to take this mission-focused opportunity on?

After nearly 30 years in luxury corporate retail, I came to a place in my professional life where I had accomplished my goals. I was ready to find a new adventure! I have always wanted to be a part of something very special, and I have found that in North Shore Exchange. Once I met with the board and team and spent some time learning about the organization, I was hooked. What a special opportunity and responsibility I have been given! I am genuinely honored.