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Feel good about shopping!

How to feel good about shopping in so many ways … upscale consignment.

People are increasingly looking for ways to reduce waste, save money  and support charitable causes simultaneously. One excellent way to   achieve all these goals is through selling at a designer resale shop like the North Shore Exchange — a chic and responsible way to indulge in luxury fashion.

Consignment and shopping with North Shore Exchange stores offers a unique added benefit too. Your consignments and shopping will let NSE continue to fund grants to charities across Chicago and north suburban Illinois (to learn about our grant winners follow this link). Your pre-loved designer and high-end merchandise will find new homes while generating much needed funds, making you part of something much bigger than yourself.

For many, the appeal of upscale consignment stores also lies in their affordability. Owning a genuine designer piece is a dream for many fashion enthusiasts.  But NSE’s designer resale stores offer a chance to own coveted luxury items at a more affordable cost.

There are also environmental benefits to consignment. As the fashion world grapples with issues like fast fashion’s environmental impact, smart shoppers are seeking alternative ways to indulge your love for style without contributing to the problem. By recycling your gently used items, you reduce the demand for new products, and help decrease the environmental impact associated with manufacturing and transportation. 

Our three unique boutique stores offer a fusion of luxury and sustainability.  And they provide a treasure trove of pre-loved, high-end fashion pieces, from iconic designer handbags to couture gowns and everyday trends as well as high style, home items, and furniture to make your space completely unique.

Shopping at designer resale stores like NSE offers a unique and thrilling experience. Unlike traditional retail stores, where you know exactly what to expect, consignment stores are like treasure troves waiting to be explored. You never know what you might find—a vintage Chanel bag, a timeless Burberry trench coat, or a pair of rare Gucci sneakers. This element of surprise and the joy of discovering hidden gems is  an added bonus of shopping with us.

Another reason why selling with North Shore Exchange is an up and coming way to stay in style —  we make the resale process easy for you.  After you consign your items with us, we do the work, from pricing and displaying them to handling sales transactions. This convenience allows you to declutter your space while making a positive impact.

Let the North Shore Exchange help you bridge the gap between luxury and sustainability. Our fashion loving consignors and shoppers get an opportunity to make responsible choices without sacrificing their love for style. With our selective collections, quality assurance and commitment to circular fashion we help you stay in style and committed to your community. 

So the next time you’re looking to declutter, make some money or are on the hunt for that perfect designer piece, consider exploring consignment with North Shore Exchange where luxury and conscience intersect.