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  • Earn Cash. Give Back.

    Give your items the spotlight they deserve while helping Chicagoland charities serve our neighbors in need.

Join our community of consignors!

Thank you for considering  North Shore Exchange as your consignment partner.

We pay competitive consignment rates - so you'll get the best price for your pre-loved designer items. We sell 85% of the items we receive and most of them sell within 30 days at full price.

We also pay out quicker than other resellers so you'll get a check for your sold items sooner!

What makes North Shore Exchange unique is that we’re a nonprofit dedicated to helping those experiencing poverty.  Fueled by an amazing staff of employees and volunteers, we diligently manage our costs to maximize our contributions to those in need – currently $3.7 million and counting.  

Engaging with us isn’t just a transaction; it’s a contribution to our mission.  Whether through consigning, donating, shopping, or volunteering, you actively participate in moving our cause forward.  

Also, you can feel good that your involvement contributes to sustainable practices by extending the usefulness and lifecycle of  fashion and home items.

North Shore Exchange (NSE) is happy to accept your designer and contemporary fashion and home items to be sold on a consignment basis.  For those new to consigning, we will sell your items in return for a percentage of the sale after the sale is complete.  In some cases, we may buy products outright. Please contact for inquiries.

Here are our guidelines to help you understand our process?

What we expect of your items:
1. For Fashion, it should be an authentic luxury or current contemporary designer name label
a. Clothing on hangers or neatly folded
2. Be new or gently used
a. All items should be clean, free of stains, spots or odors
b. No chips, cracks, or visible wear, metals should be polished
3. Be in very good to mint condition, preferably less than three years old
4. Have a resale value of at least $50 for fashion and home and $200 for furniture

What you can expect from us:
1. Authenticate, describe, list and make your items available to sell in our stores or online
2. Assume responsibility for answering questions, packing and shipping items to our online customers
3. Attempt to obtain the highest possible resale selling price for your items to benefit us both
4. Photograph the best items over $100 to sell nationally on our online platform

5. Items priced under $100 cannot be returned and will become donations after 60 days if unsold.

NSE sets high standards for what we sell. NSE reserves the right to refuse any items that do not meet these standards. When consigning with NSE, the consignor is certifying that the items consigned are authentic and not counterfeit. A consignors contract becomes terminated upon discovery of consigned counterfeit goods.

NSE pays consignors at the beginning of each month usually within 35 days of the sale for any commission over $50. Commission for account balances less than $50 will be paid once a quarter.

Fine Jewelry Consignment requires special handling by us to sell your items best.
1. Any jewelry valued over $1000 requires an independent appraisal for authenticity and value.
a. Appraisals are $50/item and paid for by the consignor
b. Purchaser receives appraisal when they purchase the item
2. Fine jewelry valued from $500 to $1000 also requires special attention in the valuation process. If after evaluation from our jewelry experts, the consignor requests their item(s) back before NSE has had 45 days to try and sell it, a $20/item fee may be applied
3. All quartz watches are inspected for authenticity and will receive a new battery
a. Batteries are $20 and paid by the consignor

Our partnership:

In our attempt to obtain the highest resale selling price for your items, NSE has sole control over price, based on designer, style, condition, age and experience. Given the changing nature of fashion trends and demand, consignors should be aware that items may not sell at original listed price.

Consignor Compensation:

We use a tiered scale that benefits you more and more as the value of an item goes up. See our Consignor Commission Rate Table for more detail for your earnings estimates.

Review our list of accepted designers to confirm we can take your pieces.

Sell Fashion

Our Top Luxury Brands:

Chanel • Gucci • Hermes • Louis Vuitton • Prada

Our Top Contemporary Brands:

Tory Burch • Cole Haan • Coach • Kate Spade • Marc Jacobs

We Do Not Take:

J. Crew • WHBM • BCBG • DKNY • Laundry • Ellen Tracey • Ann Taylor • Zara • Brooks Brothers • Club Monaco • Jaeger • Classiques

Sell Home

Our Top Home Decor Brands:

Baccarat • Lalique • Lenox • Waterford • Wedgwood

Our Top Furniture Brands:

Bernhardt • Crate & Barrel • Herman Miller •
Restoration Hardware • Room & Board • Knoll • Vanguard • Frontgate • Maria Yee • Marge Carson • Arhaus

Fashion Consignment Standards

Review our designer list and condition requirements to confirm we can sell your pieces, then make your appointment (in-person or virtual!)

Confirm items are in style and within five years of age (exceptions made for highly collectible vintage pieces)

Make sure your pieces are freshly washed or dry cleaned

Confirm that your items are in very good to pristine resale condition - no stains, rips, holes, pilling or other damage. Please bring clothing on hangers.

Home Consignment Standards

Before making your appointment, read our guidelines, then send us photos of your items

Make sure your china or crystal is in sets of 8 or more

Confirm your items are in excellent resale condition - no cracks, chips or dings; items should be freshly cleaned

Appointment Instructions

There are three ways to book an appointment with us.

1. Book an appointment to bring your items into any of our three stores here

2. For large consignments, set up a complimentary home visit. Please contact for scheduling.

3. Schedule a zoom call for us to look at your items virtually here

PLEASE NOTE - to ensure your best home consignment experience with us, we ask that you submit pictures of your home decor and furniture via email before they are brought into the stores. Please email photos of your items to for consignments in the Chicago suburbs; for home consignments downtown, please email pictures to

We have a team of fashion experts and home curators that will carefully evaluate and authenticate each of your items and appraise each piece (approximately 2-3 week turnaround). An email will then be sent with each item’s appraised value and commission rate.

Items that do not meet our brand and/or resale condition requirements will be returned. An email will be sent to pick up the item(s), or you can choose to donate the item(s).

Track the sale of your items and see their appraised prices on our Consignor Portal. If it is your first time logging on, your username and password will be your email address.

Trouble logging in? Please contact

Portal Login

Your pieces will be displayed on our sales channels for a guaranteed minimum of 45 days. Qualifying items will also be photographed and posted to our website.

- A markdown of 25% of the original appraised price is applied 30 days after the process date.

- A markdown of 50% of the original appraised price is applied 60 days after the process date; furniture is exempted from 60 day markdowns.

- Premier items such as Chanel and Hermès bags, high-value jewelry are exempted from any markdowns.

Consignment Agreement

Commission Rates

Please note: Items under $100 cannot be returned and will become donations after 60 days if unsold.

Checks for items sold above $50 are cut at the beginning of each month; checks $50 and under are paid quarterly to avoid multiple check fees. Unsold items can be requested to be picked up or donated. Please contact us one week ahead of your pickup date so we have time to retrieve and set aside your pieces, as they might be located at multiple stores. Use this form to request a consigned item back, Pickup/Donate Item.

We know you have many choices where you can consign your beautiful things, and we're grateful for your business and support of our mission. Our profits from the sale of your items are used to support Chicagoland charities providing human services for children and families at or below the poverty level.

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    Our Volunteers are the heart of everything we do.