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Welcome to our 2024 Grant Cycle

  • North Shore Exchange recognizes and is proud to support organizations whose missions are focused on improving the lives of under-served individuals and communities. North Shore Exchange awards grants that provide human services and education to children and families in the Chicago-land area living below the poverty line.

  • While North Shore Exchange’s typical grant size is $30,000, transformative gifts of up to $100, 000 have been granted.

  • For the 2023 grant cycle, North Shore Exchange will accept grant requests up to $30,000. Larger transformative grant requests that identify a specific need and impactful use of funds will be considered.

  • North Shore Exchange will only consider organizations that provide essential services. We accept applications that address the following focus areas: Abuse, Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Education, Elderly, Healthcare, Homelessness, Hunger, Legal Rights, Mental Health and Social Services.

Grant Criteria

The compatibility of your organization's request with NSE's mission statement is critical for consideration. Eligible organizations must meet the following criteria:
  • 501(c)(3) status
  • In operation for at least three years
  • Total revenue greater than $400,000 but less than $15 million, with the exception of food banks and pantries
  • Faith-based organizations and charter schools will not be considered
  • Political advocacy will not be funded
  • Organizations must primarily serve the Chicagoland area (no multi-state organizations)
  • After receiving a North Shore Exchange grant for three years, an organization must take a year off before applying again

Grant Schedule

Grant Application Opens (click here to apply)


Grant Application Deadline


Grant Applicants Notified/Request for Financial Statements


Financial Statement Deadline


Notification of Grant Funding

Late Summer 2024

Grant Distribution and Award Reception

Fall 2024

Grant Application FAQs

Q: How does North Shore Exchange (NSE) grant process work?

A: We have a two-step online grant application process. Please refer to the Grant Calendar for timing and deadlines. Applicants must submit a Grant Application through SlideRoom. The NSE Philanthropy Committee will review each application and notify organizations of their eligibility to continue in the process. Selected organizations will submit financial statements and a NSE financial spreadsheet through SlideRoom. The Philanthropy Committee will review each organization and arrange site-visits at its discretion. Finalists will be notified of grant funding in the late summer and grants will be distributed in the fall.


Q: What types of grants are available?

A: : Grants are awarded primarily for new or existing programs or projects, general operations, or capital expenditures.


Q: What types of organizations have received grants in the past?

A: NSE has awarded grants to organizations that support children and families that are at or below the poverty level in the following categories: Abuse, Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Education, Elderly, Healthcare, Homelessness, Hunger, Legal Rights, Mental Health and Social Services. See Our Grantees to learn more.


Q: What are the rules for eligibility regarding submitting applications for previous grant recipients?

A: Organizations are eligible to receive a grant for three consecutive years. If an organization has received a grant for three consecutive years, it is required to recuse itself for one year before it is eligible to apply again for a grant.


Q: When are the Grant Applications due?

A: Grant Applications are due January 19th and organizations will be notified March 4th as to whether they have been selected continue in the grant process and submit financial statements which will be due March 25th.


Q: When will the grants be distributed?

A: Grants will be distributed at the NSE grant reception in the fall of 2024.


Q: What is the contact e-mail for further information?