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Consignment Contract

Consignment Agreement

1. See the commission rate table for a list of current rates.

2. North Shore Exchange offers two choices when consigning items priced for resale under $100.    

A. For consignors who prefer to Consign then Donate if item/s don’t sell, we offer a higher commission rate on all of your items priced below $100(40%) because this saves significant time and resources for both the consignor and NSE.

B. For consignors who would rather retrieve item/s that do not sell, we pay a lower commission rate(30%) on all consigned items priced under $100 due to the handling costs and communication required to return these lower-priced items.

3. All merchandise is accepted for a consignment period of 60 days with a minimum of 45 days on any of the selling platforms.

4. NSE sets pricing and reserves the right to promote and offer markdowns at our discretion.

5. NSE marks down fashion and home accessories 25% after 30 days and another 25% after 60 days. Furniture is marked down 25% after 30 days. Premier items are excluded from automated markdowns.

6. Items may be retrieved from the NSE prior to the pick-up date. Early retrieval (before 45 days) of a large number of items (10+) or any furniture may be subject to a handling return fee ($10 per item).

7. Giveback requests must be made in writing by the pick-up date. No phone requests will be taken. Items requested will be pulled from the inventory immediately and cannot be made for dates in the future.
If a written request is not received by the pickup date all items become a donation to and property of NSE. Premier items have no set expiration date and are exempted from this automatic donation.

8. NSE reserves the right to be selective when accepting merchandise. See the designer list and condition standards.

9. Consignor certifies that the items consigned are authentic and not counterfeit. Counterfeit items will be confiscated and turned over to local authorities.

10. All merchandise must be presented in saleable condition. Consignors will be charged a fee to clean, refurbish or repair products not meeting our standards.
a) Clothing and fashion must be on hangers or neatly folded
b) Upholstery and rugs must be clean and free of stains, spots, and odor
c) Crystal and silver must be clean and polished
d) Wooden pieces should only show minor wear
e) Home Accessories should not have chips/cracks or visible repairs

11. Fine jewelry valued at over $1,000 requires an independent appraisal for authenticity and value. Appraisals are $50 and paid for by the consignor. Purchaser receives appraisal when they purchase the item.

12. Fine jewelry from $500 to $1000 also requires special handling. If after evaluation by our jewelry experts, a consignor requests their item(s) back before NSE has had at least 45 days to sell it, a $20 per item fee may be applied.

13. Consignments and customer purchases will have pickup/delivery fees set by NSE. Donations will be exempt.

14. Quartz watches will be inspected for authenticity and will receive a new battery. Batteries are $20 and paid for by the consignor.

15. Commissions for sold items over $50 will be mailed to the consignor within 35 days of the sale. Commission for account balances less than $50 will be paid once a quarter. A processing fee of $4 will be deducted for each check issued. The consignor is subject to a $30 check fee for all reissued checks.

16. The consignor acknowledges that they are consigning all items at their own risk. NSE cannot be responsible for any loss due to breakage, fire, theft, or unforeseen causes. NSE does not, nor is responsible for insuring the consigned goods, regardless of negligence. THE CONSIGNOR HAS THE OBLIGATION TO INSURE ALL CONSIGNED ITEMS FOR ALL RISKS. CONSIGNOR WAIVES ANY CLAIMS AGAINST NSE FOR ANY LOSS UNDER ALL SITUATIONS.

17. Consignors will be emailed an Item List that states the appraised price and associated commission of each item. Consignors have 48 hours to request items back that they do not wish to sell. After this 48 hour period, the item will be scheduled for sale.