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Consignment Agreement

1. Commission Rates:
See the commission rate table for the current rates.

2. Consignment Period and Selling Platforms:
All items are accepted for 65 days, with a minimum of 45 days on selling platforms.

3. Pricing and Promotions:
NSE sets pricing and can offer markdowns at our discretion with the exception of Premier items. Those may be marked down only with the permission of the consignor.

4. Markdown Policy:
Fashion and home accessories are marked down 25% after 30 days, and 50% after 60 days. Furniture is marked down once - 25% after 30 days. Premier items are excluded from all markdowns unless approved by the consignor.

5. Retrieval and Handling Fees:
Items can be retrieved before 45 days, early retrieval of many items or furniture incurs a handling fee ($10 per item). Items under $100 cannot be returned and will become donations after 60 days if unsold.

6. Giveback Requests:
Requests must be submitted via our website by the pick-up date. No phone requests are accepted. If not received, items become a donation. Premier items will not be donated.

7. Authenticity Certification:
The consignor certifies all items are authentic. Counterfeit items are charged a $100 fee to return to you or are destroyed.

8. Saleable Condition:
Merchandise must be clean and meet standards. Cleaning/refurbishing fees apply if not in saleable condition.

9. Consignor Costs:
As part of our authentication and valuation process, jewelry over $1,000 requires an independent appraisal at $50 paid by the consignor. Jewelry priced $500-$1,000, if retrieved before 45 days, a $20 per item fee may apply. All quartz watches require new batteries, priced at $20 and paid for by the consignor.

10. Pickup Fees:
If requesting furniture pickup, consignments require a fee. Donations are picked up for free.

11. Commission Payments:
All checks incur a $4 check fee. Commission balances over $50 are mailed within 35 days. Balances under $50 are paid quarterly. There is a $30 fee for reissued checks.

12. Risk and Insurance:
Consignor acknowledges risk, and must insure items. NSE is not responsible for loss.

13. Item List and Sale Schedule:
Consignors receive an item list with appraised prices and commissions. Consignor has 48 hours to request unsold items back, after that items are scheduled for sale.

14. Consignors can check the status of their items by visiting their consignor portal on the North Shore Exchange website. If any questions arise, please contact