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Why Consign With North Shore Exchange?

We're Competitive

Our consignors get up to 90% of the selling price once items are sold. Bottom line, you earn more.

To Give Back

100% of our profits go to nonprofit organizations that help families and children in need.

We Pay Quickly

Most items sell within 15 days and your check is usually mailed out within 30 days of sale.

How It Works

We accept luxury designer women's fashion, furniture, and home decor that meet our accepted designer list and quality standards. View our Consignment Terms.

Step 1

Book Your Appointment

Book your appointment by clicking here. We offer pickup services for larger items for a fee. For large donated items, pickup is free.

Step 2

We Review Your Items

Once you drop your consignment off, our team will review your items to see if they meet our quality standards. If your items are not accepted, you can take them back or we can donate them for you.

Step 3

Get Paid Quickly

Items sell quickly in our stores. We offer our consignors up to 90% of the selling price once items are sold. Consignors can expect to be paid within 30 days from the sale of your item(s). View our Commission Rates.

Step 4

Make An Impact

Once an item sells, we pass on 100% of our profits to selected Chicagoland charities. Higher quality donations equals higher impact for our community. Learn more about our mission here.

Need help or have further questions?

We are here to help.