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Consign + Donate


Our consignors are the heart of our business   Without you we would never be able to give back to the community in the way that we do while also keeping our inventory fresh.  

At North Shore Exchange we offer a curated selection of upscale and luxury and contemporary resale women's fashions, accessories and jewelry, along with distinctive furniture and home decor.  Unlike more traditional consignment shop models where a wider variety of items might be accepted and sold, our selectivity allows us to offer an edited selection of items that sell quickly, translating into higher proceeds to the worthy charities we support -- and for our consignors!  





Review Our Criteria.


Clean out designer women's fashions and luxury home items that meet our brand and quality standards.


Accepted Designer List

Fashion Quality Standards

Home Quality Standards



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Call 847.835.0026 or click below to book your appointment. We offer pickup services (for a fee) for larger items. For large donated items, pickup is free.


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Consignment Terms

Commission Rates



We'll Review Your Items for Approval.


Depending on size of consignment, we can review items while you shop or you can drop them off for our teams to process later. If your items are not accepted, you can take them back or we can donate them for you.



Get Paid Fast.


Items sell fast in our shop. We offer our consignors 50% of the selling price once items are sold, and up to 60% of the selling price for selected luxe designers. Consignors can expect to be paid within 30 days from the sale of your item(s).



Make An Impact.


Once an item sells, we pass on 100% of our profits to selected Chicagoland charities. Higher quality donations equals higher impact for our community.



Why Consign with North Shore Exchange?

We're Competitive

We offer our consignors 50% of the selling price once items are sold, and up to 60% of the selling price for selected luxe designers. Bottom line, you earn more.

To Give Back

Unlike other consignment stores which operate as for-profit enterprises, 100% of our profits go to support nonprofit organizations helping children and families in need. 

Items Sell Fast

We merchandise sell your items fast. Most within 15 days. All our sales are supported through online marketing and social media outlets, helping us to reach a broader audience.

We Pay Quickly

Consignors can expect a check within 30 days of sale.  Checks are automatically mailed out, no need to pick up or call in to be paid.


The Upside to Donating 

Make a Greater Impact

At North Shore Exchange we love donations. All of the proceeds of the sale of these items go directly to our bottom line, which helps us stay in the business of helping others.

Tax Write-Off

Depending upon the value of the item you are looking to pass on, it may be more worthwhile for you to donate.  You can claim 35% of the full retail price as a tax write-off.  All donors receive IRS documentation of their items.  It is up to them to determine the value.

Free Pick Up

North Shore Exchange will pick up all donated furniture.




Need help or have further questions? We are here to help!

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All profits benefitting Chicagoland charities.

Thank you for supporting our important mission!