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Home Guidelines

Our Home Consignment Standards

At the North Shore Exchange, we offer a curated selection of upscale luxury and contemporary resale women’s fashions, accessories and jewelry along with distinctive furniture and home décor. We aim to delight our shoppers with a highly selective, boutique experience with the brands and fashions they’re most likely to be seeking. All criteria below apply to Home Accessories and Furniture.

We're Selective

Unlike the more traditional consignment shop model where a wider variety of items might be accepted and sold, our selectivity allows us to offer an edited selection of items that sell more quickly, translating into higher proceeds for the worthy charities we support - and for our consignors - while also keeping our inventory fresh.

All items must be able to be priced at $40 or more.  Anything under that will be considered a donation.  Unique items will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please review our accepted list of designers and quality standards, and sort your items accordingly.

We do not carry the following items

* Artificial flowers or plants * Baby/Juvenile Furniture * Beds * Bedding * Mattresses * Books * Computer equipment * Cook or bake ware * Craft items * Dolls * Electrical appliances * Figurines or small fragile objects * Grandfather clocks * Holiday items * Knives * Individual Lampshades * Sconces * Toys * TV cabinets/armoires

Excellent Condition

Freshly Cleaned

Very good to pristine condition and styles within 5 years. Exceptions are vintage, collectible luxury designer items. No stains, marks or tears. No broken handles or pieces.  Only very minor wear and tear. All items must be intact and functional.

All furniture and home decor items must brought to us in a clean state. A cleaning fee of 10% of the original price will be charged for items not ready for the selling floor. Products with cigarette, pet, and strong smells of any kind will not be accepted.

Sets of 8

Fully Authentic

Dishes, china, glassware and table settings must be in settings of eight or more. Sets of glasses or crystal of 8 or more with the exception of champagne glasses.

Our expert Merchandising team carefully inspect all product to ensure authenticity. No replicas or missing brand labels.Only items that are backed by our full confidence are accepted.

Rug Restrictions

Crystal Markings

Rugs must not be too dated, unless true antiques. Sizes up to 10 x 14 feet are accepted, but sizes 9 x 12 feet are preferred.

All crystal objects such as vases, bowls and plates must be identifiable with a stamp or signature of the creator.

"S" Hook

No Poster Art

Chandeliers must be able to be hung from an "S" hook from the ceiling and have all crystal, light bulbs and other essential parts attached.

Framed art and wall hangings will be accepted on an individual basis and must include hanging wire or sawtooth hooks. No poster art will be accepted

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