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Luxury resale

  • How to Tell What Maintains Value in Resale

    It can be hard to discern what has value and what doesn't—not to mention that if you're in the process of spring cleaning, or sorting through a relative's belongings, even the thought of trying to sort out which items to sell can be exhausting.  Fortunately, in the world of luxury consignment, th... View Post
  • The days are getting longer, the sun is feeling warmer - and the season so many of us have been anxiously awaiting will be here soon: spring! The new season will be arriving in our boutiques even sooner: Monday 3/15 at Old Orchard and at our 900 N. Michigan Shops location, Tuesday 3/16 in Glenc... View Post
  • SELL YOUR DESIGNER WOMEN'S FASHION, MEN'S DESIGNER ACCESSORIES, UPSCALE HOME DECOR AND FURNITURE WITH US! At North Shore Exchange, we believe luxury designer consignment can be a force for good: for people and our planet. Every consignment, purchase and donation with us gives back to children a... View Post