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Presenting our exclusive collection of fine jewelry from famed Chicago jeweler Trabert & Hoeffer

L-R:  Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold Multistone Paradise five strand necklace with topaz, amethyst, citrine, garnet and peridot, $8,495. Retail $16,740. Available for viewing by appointment; call our Glencoe store at 847-835-0026 to schedule. 18 karat gold braided diamond ring, size 6.5, $2,250. Retail $3,200. Old Orchard.18K heavy gold ring with emerald and diamonds. Size 5.5, $5,995. Retail $9,750. 18K gold and lapis drop earrings, $2,495. Appraised at $3,650. Glencoe. Montraux 18K gold heavy five-sided and hinged diamond bracelet, $7,495. Appraised at $9,500. Available for viewing by appointment; call our Glencoe store at 847-835-0026 to schedule.18K gold diamond earrings with Roman bronze coins from 100 A.D., $3,575. Appraised at $5,750. Glencoe.


We are honored to present a collection of magnificent jewelry from one of the world's most celebrated jewelry retailers, the iconic Chicago Chicago jewelry store Trabert & Hoeffer, upon the owner's retirement. Trabert & Hoeffer's legacy is that of distinctive designs and the highest-quality pieces from internationally-renowned makers as well as creations from their own master craftspersons. Discover a wide selection of beautiful pieces made with gold, semi-precious and precious gemstones and more, along with finds from designers like David Yurman, Henri Dunay, Marco Bicego and Susan Berman. Every purchase will help Chicagoland children and families in need.

Select pieces are available for viewing by appointment only; please call us at 847-835-0026 to schedule.

Want to see more? Check out this gorgeous Susan Berman 18K gold ring with aquamarine and diamonds, size 6.5, $4,875. Appraised at $9,250.