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What To Wear: Fall Wardrobe Essentials

What To Wear: Fall Wardrobe Essentials

If you're looking forward to the end of summer, you're not the only one. According to one 2020 survey, fall—the season of pumpkin spice lattes and changing leaves—is America's favorite time of year. 

If you ask us, there's no better way to get in the autumnal spirit than by transitioning to your fall wardrobe. For fashionistas, fall is a time of potential. As Marie Claire writer Sara Holzman puts it, "If summer is for showing off how great you look without a lot of clothing, fall is for demonstrating what you can do with your wardrobe." To help you with that endeavor, we've compiled the ultimate guide to how to build a fall wardrobe. From enduring fall wardrobe essentials to this year's runway trends, we've got you covered. 


Classic Fall Fashion Must-Haves

When it comes to fall fashion, layers are your friends. As such, it's wise to cultivate a fall capsule wardrobe full of elemental pieces that can be worn alone or mixed and matched with more current pieces. Here are a few you might start with:



The right outerwear adds an entire dimension to your outfit. Go for items like trench or camel coats (classic), cardigans (cozy), and blazers (sophisticated). Focusing on versatile hues like tan and olive green will ensure that these pieces jive with most other colors.

Pro tip: a good trench coat or blazer should last you for decades, not just a season or two. For quality pieces that will hold their value, consider shopping
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Sweaters are (rightfully) one of the quintessential pieces of fall attire, but they're not the only tops worth stocking in your fall wardrobe. In addition to a comfy, elegant sweater or three, look for white button-downs, neutral or striped tees, and a denim shirt or flannel.


Sweater dresses or knit fabrics are both flexible, classic fall options. However, for a little more variety, look for long-sleeved dresses in autumn colors like olive, maroon, mauve, orange, and brown.


Jeans are a fall staple, and offer endless opportunities for variety—for example, wide legged, black, skinny, or cropped. In addition to a couple pairs of pants, consider adding a skirt or two. Solid neutrals are always a safe bet; for something more interesting, consider skirts made of denim, florals, or leather. 


    2022 Fall Fashion Trends

    Of course, this year boasts its own fall-specific fashion trends, and we'd be remiss if we didn't mention them. For a more current look, incorporate the following straight-from-the-runway styles with the pieces in your standing fall capsule wardrobe:


    Bright Colors

    And by bright, we mean really bright—highlighter yellow, hot pink, eye-popping green. Consider pairing brightly colored accessories (scarves, handbags, shoes) with classic fall neutrals for an eye-catching pop of color.

    Hard-core aesthetics

    Recent years have seen a wave of trending aesthetics, including the still-popular cottagecore craze, which focuses on whimsical style elements like flowy dresses, puff sleeves, floral prints, light natural tones, and lace.

    However, the most recent aesthetic to take the fashion world by storm is Barbiecore, inspired by none other than the Mattel superstar herself. And as it turns out, the rules of Barbiecore are refreshingly simple: make it pink, make it short, make it sparkly, make it extra.


    Who says suits are just for men? This year's fall runways saw a plethora of tuxedo-clad women. In lieu of a full-on suit, pair a black blazer with pants or a dress to capture the same classy vibe.

    White Tank Tops

    Amidst the details, frills, and sparkles of many of this year's other looks, one trend is refreshingly basic. Instead of folding up your white tank with the rest of your summer clothes, leave it out this year and wear it with jeans for a classic look or leather pants for an edgy option. Alternatively, visit your local luxury consignment store and treat yourself to a new one.

    Black Dresses

    Devotees of the LBD, rejoice—your moment has come! Black dresses made a comeback this year, many of them sporting plenty of shimmer and sparke. And, as many fashion experts are pointing out, black dresses have the added benefit of being the perfect backdrop for your favorite standout pieces like your favorite statement luxury handbag, or glam designer jewelry.

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