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Fur Sale

Starting on November 7th through November 19th , we will be welcoming consignments of a wide
variety of real and faux pre-owned fur coats, jackets and accessories.  Our annual fur sale will
be December 5th -17th in all stores.

From the last 10 years of conducting fur sales, we have found that supply greatly outweighs the
demand. While we sell quite a few, we also have had to give so many back each year.

In order to respect your time and the time of our staff, we are being very selective this year
to maximize the appeal to our customers. Please see below on what sells well.

Fur is not as on trend as it used to be with faux furs and down coats etc.   The resale value has
come down quite a bit as well as well. Older styles just don't sell that well. Faux fur is one of the
top trends this winter which has its impact on the real thing. Many of the luxury brands have
banned using it.

Our resale prices for pre-owned furs are market competitive. That being said, resale fur
fetches a fraction of its retail price. For example, a furrier branded full length mink will be
priced somewhere between $500 to $1000 depending on the condition, style, etc. Your
commission would be 50%. Our full pricing ranges from $100 to $2500 with the high end
being unique designer pieces that also receive higher commission rates.
If you would like to donate your fur, we would love to have them. We donate them to local
charities to help keep people warm in the winter. It is a wonderful way to give to our less
fortunate community. Donated furs can be dropped off at any time and you will receive a tax
letter - in many cases worth more than what you would have received from your consigned
Thank you for your understanding!
What sells best and what we will sell for you:

  • Any designer furs from Chanel, YSL, Lanvin, Fendi, Valentino, Christian Dior, St. John and Oscar de la Renta, etc.
  • Any reversible fur – so the fur can be worn outside or as a lining
  • Fur Jackets
  • Vests of any kind
  • Mink in most current styles
  • Faux fur in fun styles
  • Fashion trendy furs with unusual colors or piecing
  • Fur and Leather combinations
  • Shearling Coats

What doesn’t sell well:

  • Mink Stoles (unless super high quality)
  • Old Fashioned Full Length Ranch Minks with full sleeves/cuffs and padded shoulder
  • Beaver (unless sheared), raccoon (including tanuki), seal, muskrat and exotic furs, we will not be accepting any of these
  • Old furs whose pelts are dry
  • Furs with any noticeable smell, rips or tears
  • Old style heavy shearling coats

Have a beautiful real or faux fur to consign? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Step 1: Email a picture to, the sooner the better!
Step 2: Look for an email confirming it’s accepted
Step 3: If accepted, book a drop off date between November 8th-19th here (in person)