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Jewelry Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you’re one of the millions of Americans hoping to celebrate their love for someone with the perfect Valentine’s day gift, it’s worth giving the timeless treasure of thoughtfully chosen jewelry. Much like the holidays and your anniversary, February 14th is an excellent opportunity to wow the one you love with fine and luxury jewelry.

Here are some go-to considerations for finding just the right Valentine’s Day jewelry for the people your world most revolves around.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone

If the special someone in your life isn’t all about strictly feminine or masculine accessories, consider these Valentine’s Day jewelry ideas that anyone and everyone will love:

  • Luxury studs (if your loved one has pierced earlobes), such as pearl or diamond studs
  • Ear cuffs
  • Unisex bracelets
  • Unisex bands or other rings
  • Watches that are gender-neutral in appearance
  • Pearl necklaces
  • Pocket watches
  • Cufflinks
  • Gender-neutral pins, which can be used as tie pins, scarf pins, or lapel pins
  • Plain gold or silver chains
  • Diamond rings
  • Sweetheart necklaces and other sweetheart jewelry (if one or both of you is a member of the military)
  • Non-jewelry gift ideas: luxury pens, scarves, or art pieces

                          Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

                          Women’s jewelry tends to include more categories than men’s — but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. For an occasion like Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with the classics: high-end rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Here are some further factors to help you make a decision:

                          • Occasion. Do you want her to be able to wear the item everyday, or enjoy it on special occasions? Which would she most appreciate? Particularly if you intend for her to wear the piece often, consider colors and designs that can easily be paired with a variety of clothing and outfit types. 
                          • Comfort. Women are currently demanding more comfortable clothing and accessories, particularly since the pandemic. If the one in your life is a fitness enthusiast, outdoorsy type, or simply has little patience for impractical wearables, simplicity is paramount. For everyday jewelry, choose light, smooth, ergonomic pieces she can wear during a workout, hike, or whatever life brings. Avoid anything likely to snag her clothing, pinch, poke, or get caught in her hair. 
                          • Style, color, and materials. Does your special someone like modern designs, more ornate styles, or something in between? Does she tend to wear attention-getting or understated pieces? Whimsical, avant-garde, or classic styles? Consider whether she prefers white, yellow, or rose gold along with her favorite colors or gemstones.

                              Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

                                    Men’s jewelry is always a solid option, although some celebrity style icons are popularizing pieces for men that have previously been limited to women. You can help the man in your life make a real statement with pieces from men’s luxury brands like Cartier, Gucci, David Yurman, Mejuri, and more. 

                                    Here are some other factors to consider in shopping for men’s jewelry:

                                    • Style and lifestyle. Where would he wear the jewelry? Does he prefer showy statement pieces, or understated simplicity? Does the style reflect what he’s likely to want to wear often?
                                    • Jewelry lifespan. Would your man enjoy a trendy look, or something timeless? If you’re looking for something that will carry more emotional weight, consider a classic piece that will never go out of style.
                                    • Comfort. Men can often have a lower tolerance for uncomfortable clothes and accessories than women. Particularly if you’re purchasing something that will sit close to his skin, like a ring, consider those with “comfort fits,” or avoid pieces likely to poke or pinch.
                                    • Colors and materials. Think about whether your loved one most often wears yellow gold, white gold, warm tones, or cool tones. If he wears all of the above, take his favorite colors or gemstones into account when making your selection.

                                    Ways to Make Your Jewelry Gift More Meaningful

                                    If you’re looking for ways to make your gift even more special (and more memorable), consider doing one or more of the following:

                                    • Getting the piece engraved with words, phrases, or numbers that have particular significance in the context of your relationship
                                    • Choosing antique or vintage pre-loved jewelry with its own unique history, which your loved one won’t find anywhere else
                                    • Purchasing from a luxury consignment store, particularly if you or your partner want to show some love to planet Earth or to small businesses; buying pre-loved jewelry reduces material waste, and shopping small supports the livelihoods of people in the community you both live in
                                    • Choosing to buy from a nonprofit organization, or a shop that has philanthropic programs (which show love to even more people in the community); this will not only make for great conversation, but show the thought you put into the gift

                                    Give the Gift of Luxury Consignment This Holiday Season

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