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Meet our partner, The Night Ministry

The Night Ministry is a Chicago-based organization that works "to provide housing, health care and human connection to people struggling with poverty or homelessness". North Shore Exchange has been proud to support The Night Ministry since 2013. We were honored to have the opportunity to "meet" virtually with their President and CEO, Paul Hammann and are thrilled to share their story as a first in a series of posts that we hope will help bring our mission to life.

Nicole Hayek, Chair of our Philanthropy Committee says, "The Night Ministry is closely aligned with our mission and they were one of our very first grant recipients. Their organization focuses on families and individuals, especially young people aged 14-24 struggling with poverty and homelessness. They provide an array of critically-needed services to the most vulnerable including shelter & healthcare."

Every charity that receives a grant from North Shore Exchange is extensively vetted for mission alignment, financial soundness and program effectiveness. Continues Nicole, "The Night Ministry is a charity that is efficiently and well run - and they deliver their services with dignity to all."

This year, North Shore Exchange's giving focused on the acute needs of hunger, homelessness, health care and abuse - all of which have skyrocketed due to the pandemic.

We are proud to support many organizations doing important work improving the lives of under-served individuals and communities. Consistent with our mission, North Shore Exchange awards grants to organizations that provide human services and education to children and families in the Midwest living below the poverty line.

Whenever you shop, consign and donate with us, you're also helping to care for Chicago's most vulnerable like those served by The Night Ministry. Thank you for helping to make a difference by supporting our mission.

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