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Tips for Downsizing Possessions Before a Move: Consigning Your High-Value Items

Tips for Downsizing Possessions Before a Move: Consigning Your High-Value Items

Moving to a new home presents an ideal opportunity to evaluate what you own and decide what truly adds value to your life. Downsizing your possessions not only simplifies the moving process, but can also be financially, socially, and environmentally beneficial, especially when it comes to consigning high-value items like luxury goods. Here are some downsizing tips for reducing clutter and streamlining your belongings the smart way.


Why You Should Downsize Before Any Move

Regardless of whether you’re transitioning into a smaller or larger home, downsizing before your move is essential for several reasons because it:

  • Reduces your moving costs. If you’re using a moving company, you know that you’ll be charged by the weight of your possessions. Eliminating items you no longer use or want means trimming pounds off your cargo — and your moving bill.
  • Cuts down on work. Having less stuff to move with means having fewer things to pack, transport, and unpack, which can make the moving process faster and easier.
  • Prepares you for life in a new space. Cleaning out your closet and rooms of unwanted clothing, accessories, home decor, and furniture gives you more closet and room space to work with in your new home, and who doesn’t want that? Moving offers the opportunity to start fresh (and purchase the furniture and decor that works best in you new space).
  • Uncovers hidden values. Often, people discover that they have unwanted items of significant worth — particularly luxury and designer items — that could be better converted into cash. If you can sell or consign these before moving, you can offset some of your moving costs, or create more room in your budget to make new purchases.

Strategies for Downsizing

To take the stress out of your downsizing and moving checklist, start with one room at a time and sort your possessions into these four categories:

  • To keep. These are the items you can’t live without and will be moving with you.
  • To trash. Damaged or worn-out items that aren’t suitable for donation or resale can be disposed of in the form of garbage and recycling. 
  • To donate. Items in good condition that can benefit others can be donated, either to a charity or to friends, family, and neighbors.
  • To sell or consign. Higher-value items, especially luxury and designer goods, can be sold through consignment.

Using this systematic sorting approach ensures that each item is handled wisely, maximizing benefits while minimizing waste.


The Benefits of Consigning Your Belongings of Value

If you own high-value items that you no longer want or need, but want to recoup at least some of their original cost, you might be wondering: to sell or consign? Consigning your high-end possessions can offer important benefits that you may not have thought of.


Benefits to You

  • Financial return. Consigning high-value items can provide a significant return on your original investment in them, often more so than selling directly online or through garage sales. That’s in part because your things will get more exposure in a shop or online storefront — particularly given current fashion trends, which favor vintage pieces — than they would at an individual yard or garage sale, for example. 
  • Convenience. Consignment stores handle most of the selling process, from appraising and marketing to pricing your items. This means you can hand the selling task off to them — and given how stressful and time-consuming the moving process can be, the more you can take off your own plate, the better.
  • Space management. Transferring your high-end possessions to a consignment store means they won’t be taking up valuable space in your old or new home. You’ll get the relief of decluttering before and after you move.


Benefits to Your Community and the Planet

  • Eco-friendliness. Selling pre-loved items extends their lifecycle, reducing landfill waste and the demand for new products, particularly where fast fashion is concerned.
  • Finding the right homes for your valued goods. If you’ve loved your luxury possessions, odds are you’d rather they found a home with someone who will appreciate them as much as you have. When you consign, you’re ensuring that your things will be loved and respected — and they may also make the day, week, or entire month for the thrilled person who gets to discover the next great treasure in their life.

How to Choose a Store to Consign With

Selecting the right consignment store is crucial for maximizing the benefits of selling your luxury items. Here are a few tips to guide your choice:

  • Reputation. Look for stores with a solid reputation for dealing in luxury goods and providing good returns.
  • Clear policies, terms, and conditions. Ensure that the store’s operational policies are transparent and fit your needs. This means investigating things like pricing strategies, the store’s cut of the sales vs. yours, and what happens when items are unsold.
  • Market reach. Consider whether the store targets the right audience for your items, which can affect how quickly and profitably they sell. If you want to consign designer goods, choose a retailer that specializes in these so your things go to a buyer who will pay more for them and appreciate them properly.
  • Convenient, hassle-free procedures. Look for stores that offer easy, stress-free ways to consign. Some may offer complimentary in-home or videoconferencing consultations, or may allow you to send photos to ensure the successful intake and sale of your valuables.
  • Supporting good causes. Some consignment shops are charity partners, nonprofit organizations, or both. This means your consigned items won’t just offer good returns to you, but will also support good causes in your community and region.

By creating a strategic downsizing plan before you move — especially by consigning valuable luxury items — you can not only save on moving costs and enjoy a fresh, clutter-free start in your new home, but also capitalize on opportunities to benefit your budget, your local economy, the environment, and even charitable causes. Remember, every item that finds a new home through consignment is a step toward a more sustainable and thoughtful lifestyle.

Consign With North Shore Exchange in 2024

North Shore Exchange is a nonprofit luxury consignment shop that offers pre-owned and pre-loved designer furniture, clothing, vintage jewelry, and accessories. NSE is happy to accept your luxe fashion and home items to be sold on a consignment basis. We make the process of downsizing easy for you: we offer complimentary home consultations to help you decide what to consign. If you prefer, you can send photos of your items to us or schedule a Zoom session to discuss the items you’re interested in consigning.

We pay competitive consignment rates, so you'll get the best price for your pre-loved designer items. We sell 85% of the items we receive, and most of them sell within 30 days at full price.

We also pay out quicker than other resellers, so you'll get a check for your sold items sooner. 

By consigning with North Shore Exchange, you’re not just earning cash, but helping to support an organization that gives back to your community. Our philanthropic efforts support Chicagoland charities serving children and families living in poverty. We also offer grants to Chicagoland organizations that address the critical needs of hunger, homelessness, and abuse. Your consignment will not only be valued and re-loved for the treasure it is, but will also align with causes that any shopper or recipient will appreciate all the more.

So don’t wait — create an account with us and start consigning today!