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Consign our customers' favorite things now!

Fine jewelry. Decorative home items. Framed art. Luxury designer handbags...these are a few of our customers' favorite things...
What's in your closet, jewelry box or home that we can turn into cash - and much-needed help for a neighbor in need? Choose an in-store appointment, or consign fashion with us virtually. 
We pay competitive rates. And while you're earning cash fast, we'll donate our profits to charity. $2 million to date! Earn more for your very best pieces:
Earn 60% on fashion and home accessories priced from $500 - $999; 
earn 70% on fashion and home accessories with a resale price of $1,000 or more; earn 80% on all jewelry and handbags with resale price of $5,000 or more; earn 85% on fine watches from Premier brands (Cartier, Rolex) priced $2,500 and up